Senior Israeli Judge Accused of Raping His Own Daughter: Why Is the Media Silent?

Published September 6th, 2021 - 09:14 GMT
Hananel Sharabi
Hananel Sharabi is a 51-years old family court judge. (Twitter)

Several Israeli online sources have reported shocking details on the recent arrest of a senior Israeli judge who has been accused of incest and rape.

According to a few local resources, the Israeli district court judge of Haifa Hananel Sharabi has been arrested by police following reports that he has been raping his own daughter for several years.

On an English-language blog written by Israeli commentator Richard Silverstein, the Israeli writer provides details on the case despite a judicial gag order that bans publishing on the case in the Israeli press.

According to Silverstein's blog titled Tikun Olam, 51-year old Sharabi is a family court judge who usually looks into cases of divorce, children's custody, domestic violence, sexual assault, and others. However, he is now facing several charges related to raping his own daughter.

Translation: "Only in Israel did all the law enforcers cover up a sex offender from the system, Judge Hananel Sharabi, a pedophile from the network of about 42 senior pedophiles?"

On the 2nd of September 2021, a short report by the Times of Israel mentioned a police probe into "a senior official in the justice system over severe allegations that could carry a lengthy prison sentence," without providing any more details.

However, online people continued to post photos of judge Hananel Sharabi as the main suspect in the case, without official statements on the matter so far.

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