He is Real! Spiderman Jumps into a Women’s Fight, but Does he Save the Day?

Published July 25th, 2021 - 09:52 GMT
Spiderman attack women in London.
A fight broke in one of the supermarkets in London. (Video screenshots)
A fight erupted between two ladies in Asda; meanwhile marvel characters rushed to intervene.

By Sally Shakkour

A video was widely shared of a fight between two women in Asda supermarket in the UK. In the beginning, the ladies appear to have a heated argument that developed to become more violent.

Both women started to attack each other. A man who was dressed as Batman meddled into the fight trying to stop it, but he couldn't.

Surprisingly, another man dressed as the marvel character Spiderman rapidly entered from nowhere and joined the fight.

The guy in the Spiderman custom opened a door and started to attack one of the women. The TikTok user mocked it and wrote: "Spider-man really thought he had super powers and took it way 2 far."

The man in the marvel character appeared to kick the woman in black top and vest and then punched her in the face until she fell on the floor.

According to local reports the incident took place in a supermarket in Lavender Hill, near Clapham Junction on Thursday, July 22nd; policemen rushed to the place after 6 people were reported injured in the fight.

Wandsworth Police posted on Twitter: “We are aware of videos on social media appearing to show a disturbance at a supermarket in Clapham last night."

Social media users widely shared the 24-second clip as it got over 5 million views on one of the Twitter accounts. People split as some mocked the video by writing 'Spiderman turned out to be a real character and not only in cartoons and movies.' Others slammed his interference in the women's fight, backlashing his attack against the women saying: 'Why tf is nobody stopping him?'.

The reason for the fight is still unknown till this moment. However, the police revealed that they arrested 5 people with links to the incident and the investigation is still underway.

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