'He Tried to Kill Me!' Daughter of Syrian Politician Accuses Him of Violently Beating Her in France

Published January 8th, 2020 - 07:16 GMT
Daughter of Syrian Politician Accuses Him of Trying to Kill Her in France
Musa Alnabhan was an officer in the Syrian army prior to the Syrian Revolution in 2011 (Twitter)

A young Syrian woman named Noura Alnabhan took to social media to speak up after her father, a well-known politician violently beat her in front of her kid. Noura explained that her father did not admit to hitting her and instead claimed that her mental instability is the reason she's accusing him.


مشكلة بالسمع بالاذن اليسرى فقرات العمود الفقري تحركو من مكانهم! خنق وضرب بالرجلين! كدمات بكل جسمي. تبول لا ارادي من الضرب. وهروب والدم ع وشي وتيابي مشقوقة وحفيانة وابني بحضني عم دق بواب الناس يخبوني. كل هاد قدام ابني.. ليش!؟؟ لأني ما بسكت عالاهانة انا تخليت عن حياتي كلها لإكسب عيلة وسامحت كل شي صار معي.. بس الحقد عند البعض ما بيموت ومو كل الاهل بيستحقوا يكونوا اهل رغم اني عطيته فرصة يتعامل معي كأي أب.. وجبرت حالي مرق كتير شغلات. تحملت كتير.. صبرت وقلت عادي لكتير قصص مو عادي #بس إلا الضرب والاهانة.. خصوصا قدام طفلي يلي ليبرر عملته قال اني مجنونة وعم اتبلاه وهو اصلا بصمات ايديه ع رقبتي ووجهي. ومالي ندمانة اني ما سكتت ع اهانتي ابدا.. ومارح اسكت! شو ماكان غلط الابناء ما بيستاهلوا ينقتلو ع ايد اهلهم.. ما بالك انه مافي سبب!!! ولآخر يوم بعمري.. رح اسعى ورا حقي لإحصل عليه وبالقانون.

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Translation: "Hearing difficulty in the left ear. Some spine bones moved out of place. I've been strangled and kicked. I have bruises all over my body. I'm suffering from involuntary urination since the attack. Blood has covered my face and my clothes have been ripped. I took my son into my arms and headed to the closest neighbor to hide. Why? Because I don't take insults. I gave up my whole life for the sake of my family. I forgave everyone for everything, but apparently some people can't overcome grudges. Some parents are not deserving of their children. I gave my father a chance to have a healthier relationship. I endured a lot of things and I was very patient, but I can't stay silent when I'm insulted and beaten up, especially when it all happens in front of my son. My father is saying that I'm mentally ill and that I'm wrongly accusing him, while his mark can be traced all over my neck and face. I will never regret speaking up and I will not stop. There is absolutely no justification for parents killing their children no matter what mistakes they could have done, let alone those who don't do anything wrong. I will never be silenced and I will demand justice until the very last day of my life."

Revealing a long history of domestic abuse in her relationship with him, Noura posted photos showing clear marks on her face.

Musa Alnabhan moved to France along with his family, while Noura moved to Germany with her ex-husband. Following her divorce, Noura and her baby joined her family in France.


والدي الحنون ادعى اني ضربت انا حالي بهالطريقة! وبعتلي تهديد بالتصفية اذا ما حذفت البوست خلال ٢٤ ساعة لانه اليوم قدرت اعطي ادلة كافية انه معتدي عليي. هاد الزلمة يلي الناس بتشوفو عالفيسبوك عاقل وسياسي ومحنك ما بيعرفو شو عامل من قبل بحياتنا وشو عمل هلق! وحتى بألمانيا ما وقف تهديد بالقتل والرسائل موجودة. سامحته ع كل شي عمله قبل وقررت افتح معه صفحة جديدة مشان يكون الي عيلة بس فعلا في ناس حوينة كلمة ماما وبابا فيهن. الطب الشرعي انصفني واثبت اني تعرضت للخنق والعنف سببلي نزيف بالأذن ومشاكل بالحنك وزعزعة فقرات الظهر. خبرت الطبيب انه عم يقول اني مجنونة وضربت حالي قلي انا بعطيكي شهادة انه مافيكي شي وسليمة عقليا. هي مو أول مرة بتعرض لتعنيف.. بس هي آخر مرة. ممنوع انضرب.. ممنوع تنضربي تحت اي ظرف ولأي سبب.

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Translation: "My caring father claimed that I beat myself and threatened to kill me if I don't remove my previous post in 24 hours. That's his response to the evidence I was able to provide proof that he attacked me. You see this man on Facebook and think he is a rational sophisticated politician, but you have no idea what he's done to our lives, even now. Even when I was in Germany he never stopped threatening to kill me and I still have the messages. But I forgave him and decided to open a new chapter so I live with my family. Some parents don't deserve to be called mom and dad. The medical report is fair and proved that I was attacked and strangled which caused internal bleeding in my ear in addition to pain in my jaw and dislocation in my backbones. I told the doctor about my father's claim of mental instability so he examined me and issued a report on that. This is not the first time that I experience domestic violence but it sure is the last time. No one should beat me. No one should beat any woman no matter what."

Noura's posts prompted a stream of supportive comments saluting her courage and concern for her safety.

Translation: "My friend Nour Alnabhan's father almost killed her yesterday. This has caused her dislocation in her back bones and hearing difficulty in her left ear, in addition to bruises all over her body and involuntary urination. Noura has recently joined her family in France after a failed marriage. Her father beat her and tried to kill her in front of her baby. If not for her neighbors who helped her hide, she wouldn't have survived this. This animal should be brought to justice. How can we help her report this to French organizations?"

Her father, Musa Alnabhan was an officer in the Syrian army prior to the Syrian uprising in 2011 before he defected and joined the political opposition, and has been living with his family in France for years.

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