'Hello Handsome!' So Women in Saudi Are Catcalling Men in the Streets Now?

Published November 20th, 2019 - 07:17 GMT

A video of two women in Saudi harassing passersby while driving a car along the Jeddah Corniche went viral on social media. 

Translation: “Video of a woman harassing people goes viral in Saudi, and people are demanding her arrest.” 

The video took the internet by storm as it showed the two women catcalling men while vaping in their car.

Social media users condemned the incident by creating a hashtag #متحرشة_ياللعار (Harasser, what a shame), demanding the arrest and persecution of the two women. 

Translation: “We should cut off your tongue..” 

Translation: “Men, be careful from these kind of girls, they’re looking to steal your money, not be with you. Unethical gold diggers.” 

Translation: “We men are too afraid to leave the house nowadays. Women, what if it was your brother who is getting harassed, would you still accept this kind of behavior?” 

One Twitter user went on a rampage blaming the men for dressing inappropriately, thus attracting women to harass them. Her tweet was intended as mockery of rape culture that blames women for not dressing “modestly”. 

Translation: "If the men dressed properly, instead of dressing up and wearing perfumes, the women wouldn't have harassed them in the first place, it's not their fault. I miss the old days, when women wouldn't allow their brothers and husbands to leave the house looking all attractive, especially if they are going out on their own." 

Another Twitter user pointed out that this behavior should not be tolerated merely due to the fact that they are women, pointing out that there must be equal consequences for harassers regardless of their gender. 

Translation: “There are consequences for harassers, whether they were men or women. We should have equal rights, and equal responsibilities regardless of gender.”

Saudi media later revealed that authorities have arrested the woman who appeared in the video. They also revealed that the girl was of Pakistani origins, and that she and her friend work at a beauty salons in Jeddah.

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