'Help, Mr. Prime Minister!' Images of Starving Lions in a Sudanese Zoo Devastate Citizens

Published January 20th, 2020 - 06:47 GMT
Lions Starving in a Sudanese Zoo Outrage Social Media and Prompt Calls to Rescue Them
Some Twitter users provided their own suggestions to help the animals recover quickly. (Twitter)

Images of malnourished lions in Khartoum's Al-Qurashi Zoo sparked angry comments across social media platforms, with users calling on authorities to rescue the starved animals or release them into the wilderness.

Translation: "We hope that officials in charge of Al-Qurashi Zoo in Khartoum, Sudan are held accountable for the neglect these creatures have been suffering from. These lions have been starved and I assume for several months now. The zoo manager has been busy all this time writing to officials in the wildlife division asking them to send meat but doing nothing else."

Social media users expressed feelings of frustration and disappointment over the mistreatment of the lions, calling on the government to end animal abuse and to take action that ensures their survival by securing a better habitat.

According to various sources, the lions in the Khartoum zoo haven't been fed or taken care of for a while and are in a dire need for a substantial amount of meat and medication.

Some Twitter users offered their own suggestions to help the sick animals recover quickly, saying that attacking officials and pointing fingers doesn't rescue them.

Translation: "I've been observing reactions related to the lion in Al-Qurashi Zoo and I haven't seen any suggestions to solve the problem, only angry reactions attacking officials. We've all been suffering from neglect on every level over the last 30 years. The best thing we can do now is to return these animals to Dandar Nature Reserve, or another reserve after we make sure they're well prepared to welcome these animals."

Several veterinarians have reportedly headed to Al-Qurashi Zoo and volunteered to provide the starved lions with the initial assessment and primary medical care until a further decision is made by authorities responsible of the zoo.

Translation: "I just visited the zoo where I saw veterinarians who have already given the animals some of the needed supplements until they receive results of the medical tests they've conducted."

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