HIV+ kills Egyptian drug addicted dancer

Published May 21st, 2023 - 08:15 GMT
HIV+ kills Egyptian drug addicted dancer

ALBAWABA - An Egyptian former dancer known as "Lekaa" or "Faisal's homeless girl" has died more than a year after her story took over social media. The homeless young woman who died of HIV+/AIDS previously claimed in widely circulated videos that she had fled, a decade ago, to the street because of her father's cruel treatment of her.

 Reports of her death surfaced on Saturday, revealing the multiple narratives surrounding her, from escaping her family's home to working as a dancer, getting married, battling drug addiction, and ultimately contracting HIV+/AIDS.

"Together to Save Lives" organization announced the young girl's death through their official Facebook page on Saturday evening. In February of 2022, her escape from an Egyptian shelter caused widespread panic.

During her time at the shelter, where she resided for two full weeks, the blue-eyed girl was provided a decent living space and a dedicated room for treatment of a serious and contagious immune-related illness.

 However, the Egyptian girl insisted on leaving the shelter and returning to the streets. As a result, the organization reached out to her family and the Ministry of Solidarity to inform them of her decision.

The drug-addicted girl story emerged weeks before her escape when Egyptian media outlets shared videos of her sleeping on the pavement in the Faisal area of Giza, south of Cairo.

 At the time, the 25-year-old expressed her desire to move to a care home since she had no family support after divorcing her husband and being expelled from her home. She refused to return to her father's house.

Days later, new revelations emerged that caused some Egyptians to lose sympathy for the homeless girl. Old videos circulated showing her dancing in popular neighborhoods and performing at weddings under the stage name "Moka," after she fled her family.

The humanitarian organization conducted medical examinations and tests on Lekaa, which confirmed her HIV+/AIDS diagnosis and drug addiction.

 She was subsequently isolated in a special room for treatment.

 However, she managed to escape and went to her family's home in the Sharqia Governorate, where she passed away in the past few hours.

The news of Lekaa's death has sparked discussions about the challenges faced by homeless individuals and the need for comprehensive support systems to address their complex circumstances. 

The National Police and the Public Prosecutor's Office have pledged to conduct a thorough investigation into her case to shed light on the various aspects of her story.

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