Honor Crime: Famous Iraqi Youtuber Kills His 14-Year-Old Daughter in a Fit of Rage

Published January 14th, 2022 - 07:46 GMT
Youtuber Mohammad al Essawi
Did he kill his daughter: Mohammad al Essawi (twitter)

ALBAWABA - A 'hot and terrible story' has been trending recently from Iraq that may make your hair stand on end. The social media has been buzzing about the famous Iraqi youtuber Mohammad al Essawi who is allegedly implicated in the killing of his 14-year-old daughter Shahed.

Hashtags have been trending all over the social media about the bloody, horrific, diabolical event that is rocking Iraq and Basra, the second biggest city after Baghdad. The murder is becoming a public issue.

Hashtags on the murder are continuing and include ( #حق_شهد_العيساوي, #المجرم_محمد_العيساوي, #لاشرف_في_جرائم_الشرف). Bloggers and tweeters still can't believe that a famous youtuber with all kinds of well-known videos would do such a thing and kill his daughter. Many are tweeting that such atrocities against Iraqi women has to stop.

Besides the social media Arabic websites have carried the news with the jest of the story being al Essawi came home and saw a young man standing at the front-door of his house talking to his daughter. He become very angry and started berating the boy. News has it that days previously he, through his family asked, to marry the daughter which the father refused.

After a stern warning the father slammed into his house, went for his gun and shot his daughter point-plank, three times. Unbelievable! His wife meanwhile, pleaded with him but could stop her husband who was in a rage. The story is being narrated on different ways in the media with some saying the daughter opened the front door because she thought it was her brother ringing and not because of anything else.

Other news suggest Al Issawi took this step because he thought there was something suspicious being committed and taking away his daughter's life was a way to cleanse the family honor.

Bloggers are angry because of the lenient sentences involved in crimes of honor with the maximum penalty in such cases being only three years. And thus, they demand stiffer penalties.

However, one blogger has a different point of view. He appeals for cooler heads and for everyone to calm down and is doubtful whether al Essawi, a well-known personality in Iraq and Basra would commit such an act or that the girl on the different social media platforms is really his daughter.

But regardless since the story continues to make headway in cyberspace and continues to generate much comment. After he shot the daughter the man ran away. Police are still looking for him. Were can he be hiding and for how long. After medically checking the daughter it was found she was a virgin.

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