How is Jennifer Lawrence an Associate of Donald Trump?

Published November 23rd, 2021 - 09:12 GMT
Donald Trump and Jennifer Lawrence
Five new people have been mentioned in committee subpoenas as Trump associates. (AFP - Edited by Albawaba)

As investigations into the Jan 6 Capitol insurrection continue in the US, a recent court order has highlighted five new names of individuals who have been identified as Donald Trump associates who incited violence on that day. However, the name of well-known American actress Jennifer Lawrence raised eyebrows online.

While social media users were reading the developments of the ongoing Jan. 6 Capitol riot case, they were shocked to see Jennifer Lawrence's name amongst them, with many posing questions over her relationship to the former US President Donald Trump.

Given her previous statements in opposition to Donald Trump's policies in 2020, people wondered how she could be associated with him. However, online commentators shared the news of the recent subpoena rushed to highlight that the person mentioned has the same meaning as the actress, but that it is not her.

Online people quickly started tweeting that news lines should be referring to the Jennifer Lawrence mentioned in the court order as "not that Jennifer Lawrence" to save readers from confusion.

According to sources, the Jennifer Lawrence meant in the subpoena is a pro-Trump activist who helped set up several rallies in rejection of the 2020 elections' results, in the wake of Biden's win.

Days before the 2020 Presidential elections in the US, which ended Donald Trump's time in the White House, the 31-year old actress told the Dear Media's Absolutely Not podcast that she grew up as a Republican American, casting her very first vote in the 2008 elections to John McCain, but that Donald Trump "made her reconsider her political views," suggesting that she does not support the 45th president of the US.

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