Ilhan Omar Accused of Hypocrisy for Marching at Minnesota Pride

Published June 27th, 2019 - 12:37 GMT

Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar is on the attack again after she took part at the Twin Cities Pride Parade in Minnesota last week in celebration of the Pride Month.


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A couple of tweets and videos were posted by Omar while dancing and celebrating the pride with supporters and other activists.

While her participation in the pride was widely hailed by many in the LGBT+ community who thanked her for stepping up for them, it sparked outrage for others.

A few hours later, Omar found herself in controversy sparked by many Muslims and non-Muslims who accused her of hypocrisy for supporting the LGBT+ and celebrating a pride while her religion criminalizes it.

As the first Black, Muslim and hijabi congresswoman, Omar was accused of double-standards for holding herself as a proud Muslim while presenting a wrong depiction of religion.

Other accused her of trying to “put on the facade of being a liberal” while in fact, she is a hypocrite.

Omar did not respond to any of the accusations or the comments, yet several supporters defended her.

This is not the first time Omar raises controversy.

Earlier this year, a massive controversy over her alleged anti-Semitic statements took the media by storm, when she tweeted saying the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most powerful and recognizable Israeli lobby in the US is using the money to rally American politicians for Israel.

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