An Inspiration! Palestinian Grandma Jihad Battu Gets Her BA at 85

Published October 5th, 2021 - 06:07 GMT
Jihad Battu
Jihad Battu (twitter)

ALBAWABA – The social media today is occupied with the story of Jihad Battu, an 85-year-old grandmother from Nazareth in occupied Palestine who just received her BA degree in Islamic Studies.

The social media are today singing her praises with a full article on Middle East Eye about the intrepid granny who got her degree from The Kafr Bara College of Islamic Studies.

Although the social media has varied in this, one commentator said Jihad is originally from Mujaydil and “she is an amazing woman.” Another said this is such an “uplifting” news for everyone because Jihad insisted in resuming her studies when she was in her 70s just when most people think of putting their feet up and relaxing.

At the time of the Al Nakba in 1948 when up to 900,000 Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes Jihad dropped out of her Grade-5 School.

Everyone is congratulating her on her incredible achievement with one in his 20s saying Jihad has given such inspiration to him to go back and study. The congratulations are coming from everywhere, Palestine, Israel, an Irishman living in Sweden. Germany, London and more.

It was her husband and her siblings that encouraged her to continue at her studies even at such a mature age in life. One writes her story is such an awe-inspiring one so enthralling.

Granny Jihad Battu is an inspiration to everyone, beating all the odds.

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