Iran to Slap Sanctions on Washington. Is This For Real?

Published December 13th, 2021 - 11:57 GMT
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ALBAWABA - Washington might claim to be the only capital in the world that can impose global sanctions on different countries. Sanctions have been, and right now, are used as an instrument of American foreign policy under the alleged dictum of curbing abuse and human rights violations.

But at different times countries like Iran have also tried to say "we will impose sanctions on the United States" for also different violations. This time, its coming from Tehran which is threatening to slap sanctions on America for its treatment of black people, or to be politically correct, African-Americans. 

While this is certainly a noble cause, after all it is no denying that African-Americans continue to be discriminated against, the very idea of Iran taking up the cause is actually quite, unbelievable for the buffs on the social media.

Iran's latest threat - and by the way it has done it before under the previous Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif only now to be repeated by the current FM in Tehran Hossein Amirabdollahian  - is being looked at with a pinch of salt. Whilst the tweet is generating a lot of posting, reposting and comments nevertheless, there is an "incredulous" tone adopted by the netizens and those who bother to write something down. 

Monosyllabic comments like "interesting", "VERY QUESTIONABLE", "what's the trick", "bullsh*t", "love this", "Is this an Iranian joke", "This is political theater" and "don't believe the hype" is actually, and at times, being beefed by other more droll sentences. 
These include: "Them Iranians are just some fake busters using the mistreatment of Blk Americans topic as a smokescreen".

And then there are more serious comments like "I have nothing against sanctions but don't use our pain for your gain.  How are they treating their own Black citizens? That's should be the measure to determine how sincere they are," with the thought continuing: 

"Iran exploiting the plight of black Americans to point out hypocrisy. Still... they are NOT OUR ALLIES. They're not even original. Cuba did something similar back in the day...and Fidel was sampling a Russian tactic from the 30s. Nothing to see here."

Another adds what is happening to black communities in America is criminal  but that "America created this problem and only we can fix it. No one is coming to rescue us". 

But back to the subject one said: "It’s about time. America love to sanction other countries about human rights abuse. But other countries are afraid to sanction America for human rights abuse against African-Americans." But then adds with a touch of irony writes, "oh no I won't be able to buy stuff from Iran like...."

And the natter goes on with the ball going back to the United States. One says "so that’s why the US is beefing up the military budget" but the reply comes along saying "it means America is about to fight the three front war Iran, Russia, China, possibly North Korea."

This is just a tiny amount of the comment that is being tweeted. And of the sanctions that are reportedly going to be imposed by Iran there is little detail as yet. Could it be a public relations exercise. Washington is not about to remove the sanctions already imposed on Iran, a condition Tehran is placing for the continuation of the Vienna nuclear talks. 

Only last week it imposed more sanctions on the country. So may be the latest comment from Tehran is a verbal retaliatory step.

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