Iranian Acid Victims Pave Their Way into the Modeling Sector

Published November 19th, 2020 - 08:00 GMT
The 37-year-old Iranian acid attack survivor, Masoumeh Ataei. (Instagram)
The 37-year-old Iranian acid attack survivor, Masoumeh Ataei. (Instagram)
Mahuraa fashion gallery encourages Iranian women with acid scars to regain their confidence in life.

By Sally Shakkour

A group of brave Iranian women, who were previously attacked by acid leaving them with severe injuries and lifelong scars, paved their way to fight stereotypes in the fashion sector so as to regain their confidence in life.

The women created an art gallery, in which they allow other females who were also subjected to acid attack to participate in it as models.

The 37-year-old Iranian acid survivor, Masoumeh Ataei, revealed that the attack was planned by her father-in-law after she tried to get a devorice from her husband after a failed marriage. Sadly the attack has affected her vision forever.

However, despite the incident Ataei said: “perhaps facial beauty of a woman is all she has got. When that is destroyed, it is very difficult for a person to come to terms with it and return to the society once again.”


Amen Khademi, the owner of the Mahuraa fashion gallery, used to be a journalist, but she decided to quit to design Iranian folklore-themed dresses. She opened the opportunity to acid survivors women revealing that woman’s beauty is not just skin-deep.


Fatemeh Ghasemi, who lost her left eye 4 years ago in Tehran and Zeinab Ghanbari, from Zanjan targeted by a begrudging sister-in-law and an ex-husband addicted to meth, have joined the modelling team at Mahuraa fashion gallery.

Iranian acid attack survivor, Masoumeh Ataei, spoke to the Iranian parliament among four other male and female victims; calling for tougher legislation against acid attackers.

The parliament had approved a legalization handing death sentence for perpetrators of “acid attacks” with hope to curb the incidents which abuse between 60 to 70 people every year.

The latest legislation, which was approved by 161 MPs and refused by 9 others, if implemented, will be a victory for the acid attack victims’ campaign. 

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