Iranians sell their organs on Telegram to live

Published May 18th, 2023 - 05:56 GMT
Iranians selling organs
(Shutterstock/ file photo)

ALBAWABA - An Insider investigation revealed that Iranians are now offering to sell their organs on Telegram in order to securing a living amid harsh economic situation in the country.

Insider said to review dozens of messages on the social media platform, Telegram, and noted that Iranians are "advertising a range of organs for sale" amid poverty and worsening economy.

Some Iranians offered to sell their livers while others listed their corneas, and testicles to combat debts.

The organ sale advertising is on the rise in Iran as the country is facing terrible economic situation. 

The Insider highlighted that "selling kidneys is legal in Iran, unlike in other countries, but transactions are regulated." However, it noted that other organs can't be sold in Tehran.

The organ sale issue has caused wide controversy on social media where some people were first shocked to know that kidneys can be sold in Iran while debated why do people buy testicles.

A Reddit user wondered: "As horrific as the notion is that people in the world are so desperate that selling their organs is the only option, I'm embarrassed that my first thoughts were "is testicle transplant a thing and how much are they worth?"

On the other side, a person commented: "It's a sad place in which we now live." Another added: "Just dropping in to remind everyone, billionaires exist and are promoting inflation to make more money."

Three separate Telegram channels  were flooded with Iranians selling their organs to live with people listing the type of organ they want to purchase, "the gender of the intended donor, their blood type, the proposed price, a location, and a brief overview of their medical history," the Insider maintained.

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