Israel Mocked for Seizing 23 Tons of Chocolate Bars, Claiming They Fund Hamas

Published August 22nd, 2021 - 11:32 GMT
23 tons of chocolate bars denied the entry to Gaza
The chocolate bars that were meant to fund Hamas but were seized by Israel, August 16th 2021 (credit: MINISTRY OF DEFENSE SPOKESPERSON'S OFFICE)
Some claimed that the chocolate bars incident is related somehow to Ben & Jerry's decision to stop the sale of its products in Occupied territories.

Israel’s decision to seize 23 tons of chocolate bars claiming that there entrance to Gaza funds Hamas- Palestinian Resistance Movement- has taken the internet by storm.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz approved on Monday the confiscation of 23 tons of chocolate bars which were supposed to enter the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli defense ministry, Hamas is using the money from selling the chocolate bars to fund its military wing. The occupation government also claimed that Hamas was trying to gain funding by operating a broad network of food imports, including the chocolate bars, the Jerusalem post reported.

Palestinian activists slammed the Israeli cabinet's decision, on August 16th, to ban the entry of chocolate bars to Gaza Strip insisting Hamas group can’t be using chocolate bars or any food imports to get finance.


Some social media users condemned the seizure of the chocolate bars saying Israel always looks for any reason to practice it's apartheid and puts Hamas as an excuse.

Another person mocked it and wrote: “Yes they plan to eat their way to victory...and weaponize diabetes.”

Moreover, some have linked the incident to Ben & Jerry's decision to ban the sale of its products in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories in July. The decision was met with backlashes by Israeli government claiming Ben & Jerry’s as “anti-Israel” and urged the US government to impose sanctions on the South Burlington, Vermont-based company.

Israel has imposed a harsh land, air, and sea blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007. Crossings were repeatedly shut and buffer zones were reinstated. Imports declined, exports were blocked, and fewer Gazans were given exit permits to Israel and the West Bank.

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