Is Israel secretly arming Azerbaijan?

Published March 5th, 2023 - 04:03 GMT

ALBAWABA- A probe was shared by Israeli media claiming that over 90 trips were made between Azerbaijan and an Israeli airstrip, which is usually used for the exporting of explosives.

According to a Haaretz investigation, another trip was made by a cargo plane last Thursday in which the aircraft stopped for a couple of hours at the Ovda Israeli air force base north of Eilat before returning to Baku.

Data showed that 92 flights took place in the past seven years between Israel and Azerbaijan and they were operated by Silk Way Airlines, which is an Azerbaijani private cargo airline.

The Investigation reportedly said that Israel has been secretly selling arms and weapons worth billions of dollars to Azerbaijan, which in return sends oil to Israel.

Nevertheless, the report added that Azerbaijan allowed Israel to easily access Iran and monitor what is happening there considering Baku's shared border with Iran.

Social media users debated several theories after Haaretz's investigation; some claimed that Israel might be arming Azerbaijan to assist it in its fight and clashes with Armenia.

However, some others allegedly stated that Israel is building secret army bases in Azerbaijan in case of a war with Iran as they share a 765 km long border. 

On Feb. 28, Azerbaijan’s first ambassador-designate to Israel Mukhtar Mammadov landed in Tel Aviv and started his role.

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