Why Did an Israeli News Website Blur Female Ministers in the New Govt Photo?

Published June 15th, 2021 - 06:07 GMT
B'Hadrei Haredim new govt photo
B'Hadrei Haredim is a haredi Jewish website known for ultra-orthodox tendencies.. (Twitter:

At a time anti-Netanyahu Israelis celebrated ousting him after 12 years in power, official photos of the new Israeli cabinet stirred controversy as a Hebrew news website posted it blurring nine female ministers.

The Behadrei Haredim article on the new Israeli government headed by Yamina's leader Naftali Bennett included a photo of all 27 ministers, one where figures and faces of all 9 female ministers were blurred.

Online people have attacked the ultra-orthodox website, saying that such practices show a negative image of Israeli media, especially at a time women are making remarkable success in terms of political participation.

In this latest Israeli government which has been formed following a historic alliance between right-wing and left-wing leaders, 33% of ministers are women. However, the Haredi website's decision to blur the nine female ministers speaks of growing conservatism in Israel.

According to the Jerusalem Post, blurring female's faces in Haredi media is relatively recent, but is not limited to Israel's Jews. 

The JP also highlighted that the Israeli Haredi website had as wel blurred the face of the Labor party's leader Merav Michaeli, as she joined a coalition meeting last week, during preparations for the new Israeli government.

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