Is It Fake News? Kordahi Given Over $2 Million to Resign

Published December 6th, 2021 - 10:30 GMT
George Kordahi
George Kordahi (AFP File Photo)

ALBAWABA - It seems George Kordahi will not leave our radar screen of his own free will. Kordahi who has recently resigned from his post as the Lebanese Minister of Information after a spat with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states is still making headline news at least on the social media. 

You might be saying what now, why is he still in the news, what's the new agenda? Will there isn't any. The man is presumably packing, or packed his things, and is ready for a less hectic, quiter life, if people would let him that is?

But one more blustering send-off is required for the long road ahead. On the social media it is being posted and re-posted - a decree in Arabic on  a government headed paper from the Lebanese presidency offering Kordahi over five million Lebanese Lire (about $2.2 million) as "compensation" for early retirement and possibly tarnishing of his "good name". 

However, the Lebanese presidency and government quickly denied this, saying its outright fake news that shouldn't be branded about on the social media. They are denouncing it on the strongest possible way and a reprint of the document is being made with a red stamp of "FAKE" as emphasis.

Meanwhile the talkers on the social media are plenty with plenty of sarcastic comments on the way Kordahi resigned with one saying he can get the cash while others can't get their monies out of Lebanese banks. 

This is while another said "The head of the Lebanese government orders $2 billion in compensation for the Iranian-Houthi Kordahi because of the 'moral damage' done to him..."

They are plenty like that but would need to be read on the social media at a more relaxed level but for the time being munch on these!

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