Jail For Syrians Who “Harm State’s Image”; New Law

Published March 29th, 2022 - 07:49 GMT
Syria free speech
The 2011 war in Syria has resulted in 13 million refugees and near 350,000 killed people. (Shutterstock)

More than 11 years after the most violent war in Syria's modern history, the Syrian president seems more determined to protect his rule from any criticism, signing a new law that has been perceived as 'silencing freedom of speech.

Syrian authorities are not known for tolerating criticism, which has been evident in thousands of prisoners who spent years in jail for demanding political change amid the Arab Spring revolution, many of whom were brutally killed while in jail over the years.

However, a new law signed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has shown his interest in "legalizing" jail for critics, as it allows authorities to imprison residents who "spread disinformation that harm's the state image" for at least six months.

The new law also allows a prison sentence for at least a year for anyone who publically calls, in writing or in speech, for the cession of Syrian territory".

The new law has been perceived by many anti-Assad commentators as an attempt to "further silence" Syrians even more, especially amid the worsening economic situation in the country that has just emerged out of an aggressive war that resulted in more than 13 million refugees and near 350,000 killed people

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