Why Is Joe Biden Not Helping Out the Afghan Interpreter Who Rescued Him in 2008?

Published September 2nd, 2021 - 06:21 GMT
Joe Biden stranded in snowy Afghan mountains in 2008
Photo showing Joe Biden and other US officials stranded in snowy Afghan mountains in 2008. (Twitter: @SPepper1964)

With a few Americans still stranded in the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and the complete withdrawal of US forces from the country, voices are still rising with calls to rescue what some American media outlets are now calling "Afghan allies," in reference to Afghan nationals who worked with US forces throughout the 20 years of US military presence in Afghanistan.

Amongst the many stories shared of Afghans, who worked for US forces and institutions in Afghanistan between 2001-2021, is one about an interpreter who not only worked with Americans but also helped the current US President and a number of leading American politicians and officials out of a snowstorm back in 2008.

Through a letter he sent to the Wall Street Journal, the interpreter who has been identified as Mohammad with his last name hidden for safety considerations, told the story of meeting Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Chuck Hagel in 2008 when he rushed to rescue them out of a strong snowstorm that had hit the mountainous area near the Bagram Air Field in February 2008.

Mohammad said he had received a call for help at that time which urged him to drive up to the spot where he found the then US Senator and candidate for Vice President Joe Biden accompanied with Kerry and Hagel. As soon as the group was safe, Mohammad took a photograph with them, one that has since gone viral.

In his letter, Mohammad urged the US President Joe Biden to help him get out of Afghanistan the way he helped him get out of the snowstorm 13 years ago, saying that he, his wife, and four children are still in the hide from the Taliban, which could be persecuting individuals who have helped American forces before August 2021.

According to the WSJ, Mohammad has made several attempts to leave Afghanistan over the past few months, but bureaucratic procedures have been in the way of getting his papers ready.

In response, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki that the US will continue to work hard to help "Afghan allies" out of Afghanistan, despite the absence of American institutions from the country.

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