Jordanians Slam Defense Accord With the US: 'It Is Colonization All Over Again'

Published March 22nd, 2021 - 08:49 GMT
US solider and Jordanian flag
Jordanians have taken to social media in rejection of the defence agreement they never heard of before. (Shutterstock: Niyazz)

On Sunday, Jordan's government has announced a new joint defense agreement with the US, one that has provoked public demands for more details amid online campaigns calling the accord "a new form of colonization."

Translation: "Is this an agreement of an occupation?"

According to the announcement, the agreement is meant to foster military and defense cooperation between the US and Jordan, "a key ally to the US in the region."

In exchange, "Jordan will allow US soldiers to wear their military uniform and possess and carry their weapons while in Jordan as long as they are exercising their duties." 

Moreover, Jordan will grant a tax-free entry for US forces, aircrafts, and vehicles operating within Jordanian borders. 

Translation: "This agreement is an occupation and an invasion of our territories. There is no other way to describe it."

According to screenshots posted across social media, the Jordanian army will be demanded to provide free medical treatment for US soldiers who get injured while in Jordan.

Online people have been heavily attacking the agreement under the hashtag #الدولة_الاردنية_ذات_السيادة (Jordanian sovereignty), saying it reminded them of the British mandate of Jordan over 100 years ago. Some also questioned the reason the agreement was signed secretly between the two governments without it being passed by the Jordanian parliament.

Translation: "This is not an agreement, this is colonization".

Translation: "Sounds very much like the British mandate except this time it's American. It will be a disaster if this is passed. Safadi claims this Jordan's sovereignty is  not violated."

Accused of violating the kingdom's sovereignty and bypassing the democratic process, Jordan's foreign minister Ayman Safadi defended the agreement, saying that it comes as a result of years of negotiations with the US and that it "in no way violates Jordanian sovereignty, local or international laws".


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