Jordanian Football Fans Chant Saddam Hussein's Name to Antagonize Kuwaiti Side

Published October 13th, 2019 - 09:20 GMT
Jordanian football fans arrested for 'hate speech' against Kuwait
Jordanian football fans arrested for 'hate speech' against Kuwait

Jordan's security forces arrested two people on charges of ‘hate speech’ during a match between Al-Nashama and Kuwait (0-0) in the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers held in Amman. Authorities are still investigating others who might be involved in the incident.

The match between Jordan and Kuwait saw a group of Nashama (Jordanian) fans chanting the name of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, who invaded Kuwait in 1990.

Translation: “The person’s face is clear in the video, will he be persecuted for his actions?”

Footage posted on social media showed one person asking Jordanian fans to chant Saddam Hussein's name and the crowd obliges in an attempt to antagonize the Kuwaiti side during the match.   

In contrast, other footage showed Kuwaiti fans sitting in a nearby amphitheater watching the Jordanians' offensive behavior speechlessly.

The incident caused angry reactions by both Kuwaitis and Jordanians on social media platforms, while officials from both countries tried to settle the situation.

Translation: “The Jordanian fans welcome their Kuwaiti counterparts by chanting the name of Saddam Hussein...”

Translation: “Respecting our guests is our obligation. I apologize on behalf of all Jordanians to the Kuwaiti people.”

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said in a series of tweets on Twitter that his country condemns and rejects any abusive speech or behavior against  Kuwait.

Translation: “Jordan condemns any hateful speech against Kuwait and the behavior of those who have attacked Kuwait does not represent Jordanians at all.”

Kuwait's ambassador to Jordan Aziz described the incident as "irresponsible" and a "cheap" attempt to undermine relations with Jordan.

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