#JordanSpeaksUp: Sexual Harassment Victims in Jordan Share Their Stories Publicly

Published October 16th, 2019 - 08:48 GMT

Jordan Speaks Up is a social media campaign for people to share their stories of sexual harassment to encourage others to speak up. 

The campaign started after the release of a short documentary called “Jordan Speaks Up”, which highlights the issue of sexual harassment in the Jordanian community. The documentary raises awareness about the severity of sexual harassment in Jordan and sends the message that it's never wrong to speak up.

By sharing real stories from real people, this social media campaign aims to break the silence around sexual harassment in Jordan, empowering people to speak about it openly in an environment where it hasn't always been easy to do so.  

An expat joined the conversation by speaking about her experience as a female in Jordan. She pointed out that as beautiful the famous Petra is, females encounter severe sexual harassment there. 

Twitter users also brought attention to the fact that toxic masculinity plays a huge role in the rape culture of the country. Boys are raised to be tough and violent, and are also subjected to abuse and harassment. 

Speaking up about sexual harassment and assaults in Jordan remains a taboo in the country. The campaign has faced some resistance from people who say #JordanSpeaksUp stories are exaggerated.

Translation: "You make it sound as though all Jordanian guys are harassers. Harassment does happen but not to the extent people are making it out to be. It's being exaggerated. Notice how every girls' issue is always exaggerated and that's because of  men who pretend to be progressive. Be reasonable, stop exaggerating." 

Others blamed women for dressing immodestly. 

Translation: "Harassment is a crime in all regards but revealing attire in my opinion is a form of harassment in itself. But I repeat, harassment is a crime." 

But now that people are finally confronting the issue, they hope to erase the stigma around it and change the attitude toward victim blaming. 

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