Kuwaiti 'Cougar' Accused of Being Immoral for Encouraging Women to Marry Younger Men

Published November 14th, 2019 - 07:45 GMT
Kuwaiti woman going off about how much better younger men are
Kuwaiti woman going off about how much better younger men are

A Kuwaiti woman is being accused of neglecting modesty and morals for sharing a video on social media of herself promoting the benefits of marrying a younger man.

In the video, the Kuwaiti woman compares the pros of marrying a young man compared to an old man, suggesting that younger men would be “stronger” and more “fun.”

Translation: “Kuwaiti woman: 'Listen up girls, marry a young man, cause they’re stronger.'”

She goes on to say, “older men are so boring. For example, if you’re in the car, he’d play music by Umm Kulthoum or some boring artist, while a younger guy would play Iraqi dance songs and you’d dance together. Younger men are fun, strong, exciting, talkative, they get jealous and care about you. Old men are just always quiet and boring.” 

The video angered Kuwaitis who felt her behavior is unacceptable and some harshly criticized her for it. 

Translation: “Prophet Mohammad said, if you do not have morals, then you will do whatever you can, even if it were inappropriate.”

Translation: “Sounds like someone’s sexually frustrated.”

Translation: “A real man would never be with an immodest woman like her, only a boy would, which is exactly what she deserves.”

On the other hand, some social media users found the video rather funny. Some even agreed with her.

Translation: “She’s absolutely right. I 100% agree with her.”

Translation: “I agree.”

Translation: “This is great, go out with me and I’ll prove you right.”

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