Kuwaiti Woman Abuses Egyptian Worker on Video, Social Media Up-in-Arms

Published September 21st, 2022 - 08:00 GMT
Workers in Kuwait
Workers in Kuwait (AFP/Getty Images)

ALBAWABA - Very angry and much commentary at a videoclip that makes your hair stand on end. 

First the start.....

Then the story as one of the bloggers asked for. No more trepidation! A Kuwaiti lady, although many may wonder how useful such a terminology is, starts shouting at an Egyptian employee and wouldn't stop raving, her anger is preposterous. She is literally shouting, shouting and barking at the employee who was trying to calm her down but to no avail and despite the clear humiliation meted out against him. 

The video clip is trending all over the social media. There was rage in her voice blinded by sheer anger in her eyes that does no good to the image of Kuwait and about how people would now think of country having seen the video. 

On Youtube the clip was viewed up till today by over 44,000 people with over 670 comments of netizens most of whom are incredulous. 


One said and this is a rough translation from Arabic: "Unfortunately, [they are] a people without a culture accustomed to barbarism, arrogance and condescension. There is no political thought in dealing with others....'

One however from Saudi Arabia went in for damage control saying and in reference to the shouting saying every individual represents himself and not the society he comes from. He praised the employee for his high ethics and says what happened is just not acceptable.


And the comments on Youtube alone continue with Egyptian clear expressing much anger and dismay at what they are seeing.


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