The Lavish Wedding of Ex-Hezbollah MP Nawar Al-Sahili’s Daughter Criticized

Published July 27th, 2021 - 06:40 GMT
The lavish wedding of former Hezbollah MP slammed.
The wedding of Hala Nawar al-Sahili, former Hezbollah MP. (Twitter)
The former Hezbollah MP apologized and frozed his political activities for further notice.

Photos and videos of the extremely lavish wedding of the former Hezbollah MP Nawar Al-Sahili's daughter were widely shared on social media platforms. 

Luxurious white chairs and tables covered the space; beside the fancy centerpieces and the dangling lights as well as the golden chandeliers. The bride was also wearing an enormous wedding dress with a tall bridal veil.

Some people have criticized the lavish wedding amid the shadow of the economic crisis Lebanon is currently facing. The country has been suffering a long-lasting power cuts along with the medicine and fuel shortage among the novel pandemic which affected the whole world.

A video leaked from the party for the bride taking the mic from the singer and shouting: "We want tequila for Joe; please can someone brings us some."

On the other hand, some people supported Hezbollah deputy Nawar Al-Sahili for doing the lavish wedding saying that he has the right to throw his daughter the wedding of her dreams and no one should be involved in this matter.

A Twitter user wrote that the husband is the one in charge of the wedding and not the father so stop attacking the bride just because her father was an ex Hezbollah deputy; the terrible situation in Lebanon is not her fault and she has the right to celebrate as she wants.

An Iraqi Political Analyst, Shaho Kurdy, expressed his anger towards the lavish wedding for Hezbollah deputy daughter, saying in reference to Hezbollah members: "Anesthetizing people with slogans and resistance and the necessity of patience and endurance so that they can live in bliss and enjoy the good things on their own, as is happening in Iraq and all the countries of the resistance axis."

After the massive attack on the lavish wedding of Nawar Al-Sahili's daughter, the former Hezbollah MP apologized for the audience saying he didn't mean to hurt them. He also confessed in unintentional abuse to Hezbollah party announcing that he froze his political activities and that he will accept any decisions taken by the leaders.

Nawar al-Sahili, born in 1967, is a Shia Lebanese member of parliament and a representative of the Baalbeck/Hermil district. He is part of Hezbollah's bloc.

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