Lebanese Heros Celebrated Online Following an Apocalyptic Blast

Published August 5th, 2020 - 08:35 GMT
Lebanese Heros Celebrated Online Following an Apocalyptic Blast
Nurse at a local hospital rushed to rescue three newborn babies following the massive explosion that destroyed parts of the hospital. (Bilal Marie Jawish)

Following the horrific explosion that rocked the Lebanese capital yesterday, photos and videos of the wreckage and victims have been widely shared across social media platforms by people lucky enough to survive the blast; including ones that highlighted prompt reactions of individuals who quickly hurried to rescue the most vulnerable, especially kids.

Despite the all-year-long debate over the need for better human and labor rights for foreign domestic workers in Lebanon, a migrant worker, who appeared on tape as she picked up a toddler away from shuttering windows within seconds, was hailed online as soon as the video went viral.

Several tweets praised the woman for her selfless immediate action and renewed calls for a more humane approach to be followed with domestic workers in the future.

Similarly, a photo featuring a nurse holding three newly born babies while answering a phone call by the hospital's reception generated hundreds of posts that applauded the young woman's obliging attitude during the emergency.

Moreover, a father dubbed as a 'super hero' received online salutes after a video showed him holding his young son moments after the first, relatively minor, blast went off, instructing him to hide under the table as the huge explosion rocked Beirut. 

Offering help to hundreds of families that lost their houses due to the blast, social media users widely shared invitations, made by owners of hotels and apartments to the victims, so they can stay there safely and for free until their houses are repaired.

Unimpacted schools were also opened for families looking for a safe refuge a few hours after the incident that affected buildings as far as 7 kilometers from the explosion site at Beirut port.

The internet continues to flood with prayers and concerned words expressing sympathy and solidarity with the Lebanese people as they struggle following the port explosion which resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries. 

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