Lebanese MP: 'Wives Of Our Politicians Had Affairs With Foreign Leaders To Protect Husbands' Interests'

Published March 1st, 2021 - 10:22 GMT
Lebanese MP: 'Wives Of Our Politicians Had Affairs With Foreign Leaders To Protect Husbands' Interests'
Mario Aoun is known for many controversial statements he has made during TV interviews. (Twitter: @AlkalimaOnline_)

Despite ongoing crises in the country, be it the failure of the political elite in forming a new government, persecuting officials responsible for the devastating August blast that destroyed large parts of the capital city, or the vaccines scandal most recently, Lebanese politicians continue to trigger newer controversies.

Translation: "Mario Aoun to our show: Lebanese women used to offer sexual favours to protect husbands' political interests. It used to happen and those listening to me, know I'm right..."

Statements made by Lebanese politician and MP representing the Free Patriotic Movement Mario Aoun, during a TV interview last night, have prompted many angry reactions, urging viewers and commentators to condemn the alleged claims he made during the show.

During the 47 minute interview on SBI TV, Aoun claimed that "wives of Lebanese politicians used to make sexual offers to leaders and politicians in other countries, in order for them to protect their husbands' political interests."

Translation: "Your stupidity level is beyond the red lines."

Supporting his claim shortly before he was interrupted by show host Tony Khalife, he mentioned the name of former Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan, who committed suicide in 2005- as fingers were pointing at his involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri; saying that the "Lebanese politicians' wives used to visit him to provide sexual favours and come back."

Translation: "Regardless if it's true or not, what does this change in regard to the deeply troubling reality we are living? He either triggers religious tensions or moral ones. Our politicians will never get to the point. We only want to address corruption and everyone who is taking part in it."

Social media users attacked Aoun's statements, saying that "he is making such bold accusations without proof, showing just how low politicians have gotten in Lebanon," urging him and the rest of the political elite "to devote their time to the more serious issues Lebanon is facing."

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