Lebanon Closes Its Only Autistic Kids School

Published September 2nd, 2021 - 11:58 GMT
Lebanon announce closure of the only Autism school
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School “for Autism 123” will be closed within days.

By Sally Shakkour

Lebanon has announced the closure of its only school for autistic kids “Autism School 123” in Dbaye region during the next few weeks amid the economic crisis in the country.

The president of the school, Sarita Trad, has revealed to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Nahar, that the closure of the school comes after the administration’s incapability of converting contract fees in US dollars due to Lebanese terrible economic conditions.

She added that the school was established in cooperation with her husband in September 2019 to allow kids with autism access to normal education. With its great system the school was able to host 12 students last year while 6 new children were looking forward to joining this academic year.

Sarita Trad further detailed that the school enrolls cases of autism with moderate and severe degrees, with a team of teachers specialized in behavioral analysis. They also train the parents to be able to communicate with their kids.

Trad also explained that "the direct reason for the closure decision is due to our inability to transfer contract fees to the US since December 2020 due to the procedures of banks in Lebanon."

On the other hand, social media users have split on the decision of the school closure. Some have sympathized with the parents and their autistic kids saying they shouldn't close it as it's the only autism school in Lebanon. They further blamed the ministry of education which should look after such schools and ban its closure.

Another person commented on the decision: “I offer my condolences to those who issued this inhumane decision, as you executed this deprived group, increased their families' heavy worries, and closed yourself a door from the gates of heaven.”

While others slammed the school saying because it’s the only autism school in Lebanon, it is super expensive with a monthly registration cost of $3,000. They also blasted it saying it wasn’t originated to help autistic kids, but it was about material profit.

Lebanon's economic situation has been deteriorating amid the political deadlock and Beirut's port blast that killed over 200 people. With the Covid-19 pandemic the conditions have gotten even worse as medicine shortage as well as the fuel crisis have crushed the country leaving over half of the population living under poor conditions.

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