#MAGAChallange: Did Trump Just Make MAGA Great Again?

Published November 10th, 2019 - 10:14 GMT

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to promote #MAGAChallenge, a rap contest in which amateur rappers share their best pro-Trump bars on social media. 

Trump retweeted a video from a fan named Bryson Gray in which he called on the president’s supporters to rap over his beat and “make liberals cry.” Trump announced it would become an official competition of sorts and the winner would be invited to the White House, shortly after launching his “Black Voices for Trump” election campaign in Atlanta, Georgia. 

But since the hashtag #MagaChallenge received the presidential endorsement, the entries has varied between those who took the challenge seriously, and those who found it a great opportunity to troll the president and his supporters. 

The #MAGAChallenge has taken off on social media with many pro-Trump videos being shared and reteweeted.

Even Isaiah Washington, the former Grey’s Anatomy actor who was fired for assaulting a coworker and using a homophobic slur, joined in the challenge. 

Naturally, the challenge was also met with a massive amount of mockery. 

At times, it was difficult to tell whether entries were genuine or mock videos. 

Trump's endorsement of the #MAGAChallenge could reflect favorably on the president who is battling impeachment charges amid a re-election campaign. But it could also backfire as a publicity stunt if Internet trolls manage to dominate the contest. 

Some have pointed out Trump’s failure in the past to announce winners of previous competitions run by his campaign. 

One woman who won a contest to have breakfast with the president in New York was instead invited to a buffet attended by Donald Trump Jr and other Republican figures. Trump did not attend the meal itself but met the winner for a photo in another room.

Will the rappers actually get invited for a Big Mac at the white house? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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