Are Mainstream Media Outlets Being Extra-Biased to Israel? Two Incidents Under Light

Published May 23rd, 2021 - 08:41 GMT
Emily Wilder and Hadas Gold's tweet
Online people protested double standards by media outlets when it comes to Palestine and Israel. (Twitter)

Criticism over media coverage of the latest developments between Israelis and Palestinians continues especially after news that AP has fired a junior journalist over her past activism for Palestine.

Emily Wilder has taken to Twitter to explain the circumstances that led to AP's decision to fire her in less than a month of her appointment at the agency, following months of training.

In her tweet, Wilder talked about being targeted and smeared by several pro-Israel people including leading US politicians such as Senator Tom Cotton and Ben Shapiro, accusing her of being anti-semitic, even though she is Jewish herself.

Wilder highlighted her activism for Palestinian human rights during her university years, saying that the attack on her has been based on activities that she was involved in before joining AP.

Online commentators expressing support for Wilder have drawn comparisons between how her pro-Palestine stances costed her job at AP and a past tweet posted by CNN's correspondent Hadas Gold, whose 2016 tweet celebrated her cousin's enrollment in the Israeli army, didn't.

Social media users argued that mainstream media outlets show more tolerance with pro-Israel personal stances than they do with ones that advocate Palestinian rights, even when neither of these stances is expressed in the workplace or affect journalists' reporting.

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