Mauritanian Woman Lured Into a Job Interview Only to be Raped and Killed

Published April 20th, 2020 - 06:31 GMT
Mauritanian Woman Was Lured Into a Job Interview Trap Only to Be Killed and Raped
Khadija Oumar Sow, 30 years old, went missing on March 25th. (Twitter)

Weeks after going missing, the body of 30-year-old Khadija Oumar Sow was finally found a few miles out of the city of Tiguint, local media reported.

Translation: "Khadijettou Oumar Sow, National of Kaëdi, 30, was missing since March 25, 2020. She was found dead in Tighuint, raped and brutally murdered. She was an officer at an environmental NGO. Justice must be served."

According to her family, Khadija, a native of Kaédi who works in the environmental field had received a call from a potential employer inviting her for an interview on 25th March, before she went missing.

Khadija's family contacted the police with concerns about her disappearance on the same night before the police were able to obtain data related to the latest phone calls she made through the telecommunication company Mauritel.

About three weeks later, the police announced arresting the man who contacted her for the job saying that he denied knowing the woman in the first place, before admitting to killing her and informing the police of the location of her body.

Translation: "30-year old Khadija Oumar Sow was looking for a job. An interviewer raped her and brutally killed her before he got rid of her body. Your life is of no value to your country or society, but for us, it's pretty valuable and is closely connected to each and every one of us. They have killed one of us." 

According to the police, the young woman's body was in a state of pre-decomposition, while her hands were tied to her dress. Moreover, the police report notes that Khadija's feet were shackled and a scarf was tightly wrapped around her neck.

So far, the police haven't been able to provide sufficient information in regard to the events leading to Khadija's death.

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