Moniual Haque Killed, Trampled on: Arabs Call For Boycott of Indian Products

Published September 28th, 2021 - 10:21 GMT
Arabs call for the boycott of Indian products
Boycott Indian products (twitter)

ALBAWABA – People all over the Middle East are calling for the boycott of Indian products to register their anger at the persecution of the Muslim brethren in India.

The social media is up-in-arms with the boycott campaign reputed to be the second from the Arab world after people expressed their unity in boycotting French products.

The campaign under the hashtags of ( #IndianMuslimsUnderAttack, #الهند_تقتل_المسلمين, #مقاطعه_المنتجات_الهنديه, #مقاطعه_المنتجات_الهنديه عمان) is gearing momentum for Arabs in the Middle East starting from the Gulf, including Oman, Jordan and Egypt in solidarity with Indian Muslims and against what is happening to them.

The campaign quickly started after a video was posted on the social media of a photographer attacking the body of a man lying on the grounds at Indian state of Assam while the police stood by. It was horrific footage that has gone viral.

The man, identified as Moinul Haque, who is 33 years old, is creating much cyberspace talk in what is being described as India’s killing fields.  

His father says his son was later hung up in a truck and dragged away. The father adds he was the only breadwinner of the family and leaves behind his wife and three kids who are 7, 5 and 2.

Another says Moninul should be remembered as a martyr, “brave, dauntless, defending his family against a fleeing pack of filthy hyenas. May Allah Grant him Jannatul Firdus”.

According to media reports his death was part of an “eviction drive” ordered by the Assam authorities who are dominated by the Hindu Bhartiya Janata Party. It is thought 800 Muslim families were evicted off their land and shanties by the local government.

Meanwhile the leaders of the online boycott campaign are appealing to the Arab states’ sense of religiosity saying Prophet Mohammad will not accept this kind of thing to happen despite the “partnership” that may exist between the Arab countries and India.

No to Indian and Hindu supremacists and Arabs can make Indians kneel through the product boycott, stop criminal activities, stop hatred, unite against Indian brutality are just a few of what is being written on the social media.

Finally one say India should be warned from the Arab world that not only its products should be boycotted but their manpower will no longer be needs if they continue to persecute Muslims.

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