Moroccan Trans Influencer Attacked Gay Men and Urged Her Followers to Identify and 'Expose' Them

Published April 29th, 2020 - 08:40 GMT
Moroccan Trans Influencer Attacked Gay Men and Urged Her Followers to Identify and 'Expose' Them
At least one gay man has committed suicide in fear of being identified by his family. (Facebook)

During a live stream, Moroccan trans influencer called on her 670k Instagram followers to "identify and expose" gay men in the country by creating fake accounts on a popular gay dating app, causing at least one gay man to take his own life.

Popular beauty online influencer Sofia Taloni had attacked the gay community saying that they have been "jealous of her online success" and that she's "only responding to the war they started against her."

Taloni asked her followers to sign up in a gay dating app and to take screenshots of the gay men's accounts and circulate online. This is to then "expose" them in the country where same-sex relationships are illegal and could be punishable by up to 3 years in jail, in addition to it being socially unacceptable.

Taloni's Instagram account was eventually suspended after social media users launched a campaign to report her act.


To whom it may concern, We are urgently writing to ask skateholders, organizations, associations and institutions to take immediate action by informing the concerned authorities about an active social media influencer, specifically on Instagram in order to take steps against her/him. The Instagram user’s account is named : Naoufalmoussa The person’s name is Naoufal Moussa that is known in Morocco as Sofia Talouni. Moussa is a Moroccan expat living in Turkey. He/she has got a large number of followers on her verified Instagram account, where he/she has recently began to broadcast live videos of herself that aim to expose the identities of the Moroccan queer people. Many of those people live with their families, especially nowadays due to the quarantine. Sofia clearly attacked and underestimated the Moroccan civil society associations, especially the AIDS fighting associations that are making a great effort and work really hard for the safety and well-being of the LGBTQA+ community and the Moroccan society as a whole. While homosexuality is illegal in the Moroccan law (Article 489 of the Penal Code of Morocco criminalises "lewd or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex") and seen as a great sin by a large number of Moroccan people, homophobia is a very common act which the LGBTQA+ community suffers from here. Therefore, publically exposing the identities of the Moroccan queer people puts them at risk. Moussa has intentionally outed a lot of queer Moroccans on her Instagram live videos, as he/she has shown his/her homophobic audience the social platforms that queer people use. Such as, Grindr, Hornet, Planet Romeo...etc and encouraged them to create fake accounts to look for LGBTQA+ people there. This process has been really dangerous and harmful to the LGBTQA+ community. We urge you to contact the concerned authorities to instantly suspend the Instagram account Naoufalmoussa pending review. Then, ban him/her from the platform due to the policy of hate/speech and violence.

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Consequently, local activists reported that members of the LGBTQ+ community don't feel safe anymore, and that at least one gay man has committed suicide in fear of being identified by his family.

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