Moroccans Say 'No French Please We Want English'

Published September 22nd, 2021 - 09:27 GMT
Social media campaign rides high in Morocco for the country to switch to English.
Social media campaign urges the Moroccan government to switch to English. (Twitter)

ALBAWABA – An online Moroccan campaign is currently riding high to ditch French as a spoken, written and taught language in schools and universities and replace it with English. This is because English is the number spoken language in the world whereas French ranks as number 8.

This campaign, apparently with lots of comments being made now, is being timed just when schools and universities are set to start in early October in Morocco.

The campaign obviously rejects the law that was passed by the Moroccan parliament making French as compulsory for teaching scientific subjects despite the fact that Arabic is the official language of the state alongside with the Amazigh language.

The campaign under the hashtag (#نعم_للإنجليزية_بدل_الفرنسية_بالمغرب) which is being retweeted, liked, commented upon is taken the social media by storm. Regardless of the colonial aspect, the francophone situation and the long relations that govern France and Morocco, the campaign is seen from a practical, developmental point of view that is concerned with the future of the country.

English is seen as the language of the future and openness to the world. It is the crowing of the future where is the French language serves as an obstacle to Moroccan progress in line with the fact that most other countries credit English as the second language spoken.

French is seen as the “language of the colonizer”, it is “no to French, yes to English” which is the campaign’s logo, off course with the French and British flags. One wonders however, why should the flags be inserted unless people want to substitute one form of colonialism for another but this is definitely not what is coming through.

People are excited about the campaign and hope it will be executed and put into effect making it as a dream come true because scientific research is in English and the world communicates in that language so what would be the point of teaching in French. Those on the social media just keep going for the campaign is mainly conducted in Arabic and English – these are the inputs, however, there are times French commentary.  

One comment, which is rather harsh, suggests that French is a “dead language, it’s for fashion and tearooms and not for business.” But what about the francophone world one wonders! Isn’t there many speakers there but we are talking about French in Morocco. So does it matter?

It is clear this campaign is aimed at the government in Rabat because the decision to switch is in its hands with approval from the monarch of course. And this maybe to the delight of American and British speakers, its well-recognized English is language of business, the lingua franca of the world in terms of quantity and quality, it’s a global language and no other language is required.

Morocco needs to switch to English in education and in state and society for developing the horizons of this generation by equipping with a language that crosses all borders, it is maintained. Will officials and ministers listen? Meanwhile the campaign continues.

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