NASA captures Mars image with teddy bear looking on

Published February 1st, 2023 - 10:39 GMT
teddy bear
a satellite image of Mars showing a teddy bear face printed on Martian rocks. (NASA/JPL-CALTECH/UARIZONA)

ALBAWABA - NASA shared a photo captured by the operator of one of the space agency's satellites showing a printed teddy bear's face. 

The photo, which was taken in December, was shared on Jan. 25 by the University of Arizona creating a huge buzz on social media about how it was made and how much it looks like the face of a real teddy bear.

The Martian rocks picture shows a big circle with two holes and a huge scratch in the middle that is very similar to a teddy bear's face.

The reason behind the teddy bear's face on Mars is unknown but the university suggested that it could have been caused by the "settling of a deposit over a buried impact crater." 

Huge debates emerged online with some claiming it looks more like Dogecoin cryptocurrency, while others said it looks more like a penguin.

A commentator mockingly said: "Is this signal from Mars to Earth for Elon musk?" Another added: "Looks more like a penguin!"

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