Ninth Grade Test Question About Ovulation Cycles in Oman Starts Big Sex Ed Debate

Published January 9th, 2020 - 07:04 GMT
Ninth Grade Test Question About Ovulation Cycles in Oman Starts Big Sex Ed Debate
The test included a menstrual calendar and students were asked to calculate ovulation date (Rami Khoury/Al Bawaba/Shutterstock)

A test question on ovulation calculations for ninth graders in Oman unleashed criticism over what some social media users described as 'unnecessary education' for school kids.

Translation: "Married men with kids still can't do these calculations, and these people want 9th graders to know when their wives will get pregnant. They want female students to know when they'll go into labor."

Translation: "They are supposed to only learn what they need to know. This is not the time for this."

Translation: "It is a scientific topic, but I don't see the point of teaching it."

Translation: "Out of all topics they choose to go with questions about periods."

Meanwhile, others expressed their support for teaching topics related to periods, sex, and reproductive systems to middle and high school students, stressing importance of learning the science behind it.

Some people stressed that this topic has always been part of the science curriculum in Oman and that it is time for proper scientific conversations about sex to be normalized in the conservative society.

Translation: "The topic is totally scientific and is part of school curricula. I don't get why this has become a controversy."

Translation: "Just so you know, these lessons have been part of Oman's educational system for generations. It is interesting that some people are protesting it now as if it's new."

Translation: "This makes me wonder about the reason that people feel reluctant to discuss this topic. If it was a taboo it wouldn't have been in school curricula."

Translation: "This shouldn't be controversial as long as it's a school lesson. If students wanted to learn more they can use the internet to know everything. It's unhealthy to ignore these topics."

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