No COVID-19 Yet in Yemen, Horrible Massacres Killing Humans and Horses Instead

Published April 7th, 2020 - 08:13 GMT
No COVID-19 Yet in Yemen, Horrible Massacres Killing Humans and Horses Instead
Yemeni officials say they haven't detected any coronavirus cases so far, but the country is sure going through a lot of other tragedies. (AFP)

Despite multiple warnings from the World Health Organization that Yemen may be up for "an explosion" of coronavirus cases that may not have been detected yet, the country has been living through several massacres, hardly covered by international media.

Translation: "This is what Saudi-Emirati warplanes committed today in Sanaa. A massacre killing 60 Arabian horses."

While most breaking news is now COVID-19 related, Yemen is still living some of the most horrific deadly massacres committed by both sides of the war that erupted 5 years ago.

Last week, Yemeni social media reported an unprecedented Saudi-coalition airstrike targeting a well-known stable in Sanaa, killing 70 of the finest Arabian horses in the country and their caretaker.

Social media commentators shared photos from the stable in the Yemeni capital controlled by Houthi militias, condemning the attack that came two days after a Houthi ballistic attack on Saudi oil facilities.

Translation: "These horses were some of the best ever. They're from well-known breeds. Those with no history have killed them. They deserve everything happening to them."

ِA few days later, Saudi-backed media reported a Houthi airstrike on a women's prison in Taiz city. The attack killed at least 5 female inmates and injured a number of other women. 

Translation: "I don't understand why almost nobody is talking about this. These souls were killed today. I hope those who killed them are gone soon. Everybody talked about the horses killed because it's new and trendy, but a horrific crime like this suddenly makes everybody silent."

Translation: "6 women have been killed including a child who was visiting her mother in Taiz prison. 7 inmates have been injured in addition to a number of the workers there. These people were killed by the Houthi shelling. Where is the UN?

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