No School For You! Afghani Girls Told at The Gate

Published March 23rd, 2022 - 02:05 GMT
We want to go to school
Girls at school in Herat, Afghanistan. (© UNICEF/Sayed Bidel)

ALBAWABA - Come on let them back to school! Why are you refusing girls to be educated, get rid of illiteracy and start the road to development. 

Afghanistan is back in the news. This time its girls education. The Taliban won't let girls beyond the sixth grade to go back to school. Apparently there's a ban on them.

Well, there is and there isn't. For the Taliban its complicated at the moment - mainly cultural to do with Afghani society.

The Taliban Ministry of Education is still getting its house in order, logistics you might says, how do you provided buses for segregated male and female students? There is the other thing of appropriate school uniform and scarfs which is yet to be sorted out. 

Secondary school girls were looking forward to going back to school after being "off" for 178 days since the Taliban took over government last August 2021. They then, promised that everybody would get an education but this is yet to be honored, girls are still waiting.

It seemed the Taliban are returning to the old times of the 1990s and the early millennium when they ruled and denied women the right to an education. However, today, they keep promising girl pupils will be allowed to schools.

The Afghan school year just restarted again, 23 March. Pupils were so looking forward to school but at the gates they were turned away. Better luck next time, come back later they were being told. 

In reality many are saying the Taliban are in fear of losing their Pashtun supporters in the rural countryside. They don't went their daughters to go back to schools unlike Kabul and other main cities. 

So the Taliban maybe caught in the middle. Presently, they appear to be biding their time. Soon and if girls don't get an education, there will be an international outcry, but if they open schools to girls, the Taliban may start creating an opposition to their rule. So, is it gently, gently or just a blanket ban?


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