No Spring in Lebanon: Hopeless Revolutionaries Say Immigration Is Now Their Only Choice

Published February 12th, 2020 - 10:23 GMT
Are the Lebanese Losing Hope? Calls for Immigration Flood Twitter as the Parliament Vote in Favor of the New Govt
Most tweets seem to mention immigration to other countries as the final solution to secure decent lives. (Shutterstock)

After an intense day of protests in Beirut, the new Lebanese government was able to win the parliament's confidence, generating feelings of despair among young Lebanese people who have been protesting since last October.

Calls for migrating from Lebanon was notably the one thing online people agreed on after their calls for a political change have been crushed by leaders of different political blocs.

Months of protests against the political system in Lebanon doesn't seem to have brought the Lebanese people much change, at least not according to voices online.

Clashes erupted in the streets near the Lebanese parliament but weren't enough to stop lawmakers from assembling and voting to grant confidence to the new government. Social media users resorted to Twitter to express their hopelessness about the current situation in the country and to highlight their inability to create any actual change, stressing yet again their rejection of the new government.

Most of the comments online seemed to echo one message: it's time to immigrate to other countries as this this becomes their only and final solution to secure decent lives after failing to achieve their hopes for a dignified life at home. 

Many were frustrated that the new government was formed by the same political parties that have been ruling Lebanon for over 30 years, fearing that their country will continue to be on the verge of economic collapse.

They say they have little faith that the new government will reform the age-old corrupt policies so long as there is no real political change. 

Translation: "The government has won confidence as expected. Congratulations on the collapse. The same failing and corrupt faces are still in power with one party constantly insulting donor Western and Arab countries. Lebanon is heading back towards the unknown."

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