This is Not a Theme Park! Critical Voices Reject Saudi Presenter's Play Area Idea in Mosques

Published October 23rd, 2019 - 08:33 GMT
Mona AbuSulayman is facing criticism for demanding a place for children to play in mosques
Mona AbuSulayman is facing criticism for demanding a place for children to play in mosques

Saudi TV presenter Mona AbuSulayman came under attack on social networking sites after calling on mosques to build dedicated play areas for kids accompanying their parents to prayer.

“There is nothing wrong with having an air-conditioned children's play area inside the mosque, so that the father can easily look after his children without disturbing the other prayers,” Mona wrote in a tweet.


“Parents have to bring their children to the mosque for all prayers to teach them about prayer, and the playing area would contribute to making the mosque a safe and comfortable place for children as they grow up loving the mosque,” she added. “P.S. The trampoline is dangerous for children.”

Muna was referencing a recent video that went viral of children trampolining in the middle of a mosque's praying area in Saudi Arabia. 

“Translation: Children jump on a trampoline at a mosque, and Islamic affairs ministry are investigating the mosque’s imam and muezzin.”

The video stirred a huge debate regarding the holiness of the mosque, with some suggesting the trampoline disturbs the ‘tranquility’ of prayer. 

Following Mona AbuSulayman’s commentary on the matter, she was overwhelmed by reactions criticizing her suggestion as a plan to turn mosques into a ‘theme park’, reminding her that mosques are places of worship rather than entertainment.

Translation: “The is a very big difference between allowing the child to mess around and play inside the mosque than teaching them to be respectful and peaceful inside the mosque which is a holy place that demands tranquility.”

Translation: “Even wedding halls do not allow children to mess around, let alone a holy mosque. You would be turning mosques to a theme park if you allowed there to be a children’s playground.” 

On the other hand, others agreed with Mona’s proposal, claiming that it would contribute to encouraging children to love mosques.

Translation: “I totally agree with you, the mosque is also a school, and we must teach children to love it. This proposal would help parents in a lot of ways.” 

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