Palestinian Georgetown Graduate Refuses to Shake Hand With Blinken in Protest

Published May 22nd, 2022 - 09:46 GMT
Blinken facing Georgetown students
Blinken facing Georgetown students (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Its trending and its from the USA. A move made by one Palestinian student at Georgetown university to show her outrage at the Israelis and what is happening in her home country.  

It was during one of the graduation ceremonies attended by the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken - a bit of a embarrassment really but, in the final analysis, politics enters all of our lives.

One Palestinian student refused to shake the hand of Blinken as she received her graduation certificate but merely nodded at him. 

The gesture quickly went viral on the social media. The girl got up on the podium waving the Palestinian flag and also refusing to shake the hand of the person who gave her the certificate.

Thus the name of Nooran Alhamdan will be printed on different platforms of the social media. Some netizens were somewhat disappointed claiming she lost an opportunity. She should have shaken his hands and said something to him.

Palestinians however, continue to feel outraged about their occupied condition in the West Bank, the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh who was killed by an Israeli sniper and US government continued support for Israel. 

So it seems the handshake or lack of is a bitter disappointed by people who continue to be disappointed with Washington. 

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