Pride vs Hate: Police Cars Painted With Rainbow Flags

Published August 25th, 2021 - 11:30 GMT
Police car decorated with pride flag to decrease hate crimes
Police car with pride flag. (Twitter)
Pride flags painted on the back of UK police cars to discourage rising hate crimes.

Photos and video of UK police cars painted on the back with the pride flag caused controversy and took the internet by storm; amid the police's campaign to highlight doubling hate crimes.

According to the police’s deputy chief Julie Cooke, cars are painting rainbows on the side with the aim of reducing online hate crimes and 'giving confidence' to the LGBT+ community.

The officer said: 'It is so huge,’ adding that it might cost money just to paint cars with colors of the Pride flag, but people are already feeling better just to see the rainbow colors on police cars. Cooke reaffirmed that it's about spreading confidence in the community to report hate crimes.

However, social media users had a different opinion. Some mocked the idea that pride flags on police cars will help in discouraging hate crimes toward the LGBTQ+ community. Others said it is a waste of money which can be invested in better projects.

Furthermore, some people including ex-police officer and founder of campaign group Fair Cop, Harry Miller, said it is better if Met police had special cars to fight increasing ‘knife crimes’ as the number of stabbings in London is appalling.

Another person slammed the US law on LGBT saying, in America you can decorate police cars with the pride flag but not Bible verses.

According to the Daily Mail, hate crimes towards the LGBTQ+ community have doubled compared to earlier years, most especially against transgender people

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