A Puppet Show Sparks Algerian-Moroccan Tensions. Care to Know Why?

Published February 16th, 2021 - 09:08 GMT
'The Puppet King' Sparks the Latest Algerian-Moroccan Tensions
The dispute between the two countries have for decades been linked to their approach towards the Sahara issue. (Twitter)

The latest episode of "Weekend Story" broadcast on the Algerian private Ashorooq TV triggered many angry reactions on social media, as Moroccan commentators thought it was offensive to their monarch.

في مكان ما من الشرق الأوسط ..

صراع جديد يشتعل بيت المغاربيين والجزائريين بعد أن استضاف برنامج (ويكند ستوري) الساخر على قناة الشروق الجزائرية دمية الملك محمد السادس الكرتونية و "حاورته" حول تداعيات التطبيع مع إسرائيل!

— 5AM (@5AM_K) February 14, 2021

Translation: "Somewhere in the Middle East, a new conflict is starting between Moroccans and Algerians after the satirical show Weekend Story' was broadcast on Ashorooq TV featuring a puppet representing King Mohammed VI and "discussed" normalization with Israel with him"

Often featured puppet figures was of global leaders, including the French and US presidents. The show portrayed King Mohammed VI of Morocco for the first time last weekend, causing an online war between social media users.

Commenting on the normalization deal between Morocco and Israel announced last December by the former US President Donald Trump, the shows anchor asked what he thought about protests led by Moroccans in rejection of ties with Israel,  the puppet said he traded normalization with Israel for the US recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the long-disputed Sahara region.

خطيير قناة الشروق الجزائرية تسخر من ملكنا 🤬
القناة الرسمية الجزائرية تريد #إشعال_الفتنة بين الشعبين الشقيقين بإهانة شخص الملك محمد السادس على الهواء قبل قليل
الى متى هذا الكره ؟؟؟؟ pic.twitter.com/eSemY8IM99

— مجاهد بين سطور التاريخ.. (@rachid3412) February 13, 2021

Translation: "Dangerous! Ashorooq TV mocks our king. The official Algerian TV is stirring hate between the two nations by insulting King Mohammed VI live on TV. When will this hatred stop?

The dialogue in the episode angered many Moroccans who saw it as "offensive" to their king and their country, urging Algerians to offer apologies.

For decades Algeria supported the Saharans call for self-determination and for independence from Morocco, which led to various crises between the two countries over the years.

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