Raped, Shot Dead, or Drowned! Sudanese Activist Tells Her Horrific Story

Published March 30th, 2022 - 07:23 GMT
Sudanese anti-coup activist
Sudanese anti-coup activist Yasmeen Diaa Syed Ahmed Al-Sheikh was kidnapped for 5 days. (Twitter)

Sudanese anti-coup activist Yasmeen Diaa Syed Ahmed Al-Sheikh was kidnapped by the military forces on March 23rd and released on March 27. Following her release, Yasmeen narrated the horrific details from the moment she was captured by a gang of army men till her release.

In an interview with Ayin network, the 18-year-old student and her uncle Rashed Syed Ahmed Al-Sheikh said that Yasmeen was kidnapped last Wednesday after receiving a phone call from her friend asking for money. Al-Sheikh accepted to help him and asked him to come over to her house when two other men came with him and forced her to ride in a black car and covered her eyes before taking her to an unknown destination.

Following her kidnap, they asked Yasmeen about the anti-coup protests when she refused to say anything they started to beat her and threatened to rape her if she declines cooperating with them. 

The armed men warned to rape Yasmeen Al-Sheikh and kill her and they even put a real gun against her head to shoot her. They also threatened to file a lawsuit against her where she'll be jailed for a life term. One of the guys told Yasmeen: "We'll throw you in the sea such as those before you. No one will know anything about you as we have control in the country."

Her Father Diaa Al-Sheikh revealed also to the Ayin network that it is super hard for parents when their daughter gets kidnapped without knowing who or where she was taken. It was a very frustrating period of 5 days. 

Her family asked the police to open an investigation about Yasmeen's kidnapping but they refused and asked them to go to the Sudanese Public Prosecution to file a suit. Meanwhile, the activist narrated that she was taken at 3 AM following her arrest day to the Sudanese intelligence where she was turned to the criminal court. She stayed for a few hours then was taken to another place where she stayed for a couple of days before being released on March 27th.

This is not the only disappearance case in Sudan, an Egyptian man Wadah Hisham Noureddine Al-Odun, who has been living in Sudan for two years, was believed to be taken by the Sudanese forces where he was arrested on March 16, sources revealed. 

Wadah, 33, was finishing documents to travel to Turkey along with his wife and kids when he was taken by forces in Khartoum despite the fact that all his papers are legal and that he has a driver's license there. No statement has yet been released by the Sudanese authorities about the Egyptian man's case as his wife called for his release.

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