Saddam Haftar's Plane Lands in Tel Aviv, He Seeks Israeli Aid For Libyan Normalisation

Published November 8th, 2021 - 06:16 GMT
Saddam Haftar (L)
(L) Saddam Haftar (Twitter)

ALBAWABA - The social media world is buzzing about the secret but unabashed visit Saddam Khalifa Haftar made to Israel last week. 

Almost everyone who is anyone is posting this piece of news. As known by know Saddam is the son of the Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar who is hoping to win his country's presidential election to be held on 24 December. 

Reports suggest - it was the Israeli Haaretz daily newspaper who first lead with the news - that Saddam Haftar flew to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport on a French-made Dassault Falcon, a private jet that arrived from Dubai last Monday. 

He stayed at the airport for no more than 90 minutes according to information reports that is now all over the internet and its social media as exciting bits of information.

It was reported Saddam met with Israeli government officials and is "seeking military and diplomatic assistance from Israel" in the lead up to Libya's parliamentary and presidential elections in late September. 

Aside from the fact everyone by now is asking whether Khalifa Haftar can win given his illustrious and tainted background, it is reported this is what he is prepared to offer Israel in return: Full-fleged normalization with the Jewish state. Libya would be the fifth Arab country in return for meagre but valuable money.

Israel is under no illusion about the background of Gen. Haftar who ruled the best part of eastern Libya from 2014 till 2020 when a peace deal under UN auspices was made to unite the country  and hold elections under the supposed banner of "may the best man win".

Will Israel help the Haftars money-wise, will they provide the military hardware besides his other regional allies like France, the UAE and Egypt, this is what everyone wants to know. But, and above all wouldn't such a relationship that is now out in the open, further split the Libyan nation that is still suffering from bloody woes of the past. 

But both Saddam and his father Khalifa Haftar are only playing the normalization game. After all four Arab states - UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco - normalized with Israel in late 2020 so why shouldn't Libya?

And why not indeed? The Haftars are presently gearing up for the elections campaign. They are - according to media reports - hiring consultant PR companies to help them one and some of these are from the UAE and France with reports that Israeli experts are helping out.   

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