Saddam's Son-in-Law Seen After 18 Years in Iraqi Prison

Published June 23rd, 2021 - 05:39 GMT
Jamal Mustafa Abdullah
Jamal Mustafa Abdullah had been in prison since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. (

After more than 18 years since his arrest,  the Iraqi Correction office has released an official statement in which they announced releasing the husband of Saddam Hussien's youngest daughter from prison.

Translation: "Ministry of Justice has decided to release Jamal Mustafa Abdullah, husband of Hala Hussien, after 18 years in prison for being part of the former political regime."

Jamal Mustafa Abdullah, 66 years old and husband of Hala Hussein, was an army officer deputy in charge of the file for tribes and clans in Saddam Hussein’s government prior to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Having been the 22nd of individuals wanted by the United States during the invasion, Abdullah had surrendered to the Iraqi national forces during the first few weeks of the US military operation in Iraq, in April 2003, several months before his father-in-law Saddam Hussien was arrested.

Translation: "Lieutenant Jamal Mustafa Abdullah Al-Tekreeti after his release right next to brigadier general Barzan Abd Al-Ghafur Al-Tekreeti."

Upon his release, several Twitter accounts have posted recent photos of him along with Barzan Abd Al-Ghafur Sulayman, the former Republican Guard Commander who was released from prisons in June 2020. Pro-Saddam online users have welcomed the release and hoped that other prisoned figures of the Saddam regime be released soon.

While most of Saddam's family resides in neighboring Jordan, Abdullah is the only male family member who is still alive, besides Saddam's grandsons who were kids during the US invasion. Saddam's two Uday and Qusay sons were killed near Mousel in July 2003, in the Mosul raid launched by the US military.

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