Is a Saleswoman’s Outfit Enough to Enrage an Entire Country? In Saudi Arabia, It Is

Published November 13th, 2019 - 07:22 GMT
Sadeem al-Maliki
Sadeem al-Maliki

A Saudi saleswoman, Sadeem al-Maliki, has angered Saudi society by appearing in a store in Jeddah wearing “inappropriate” clothes that show off her body.


Sadeem appeared in the video talking to a man about her shop, without wearing the hijab or wearing the mandatory abaya, or black robe, as is customary in the kingdom. 


Immediately after the video went viral on social media, a large number of Saudis demanded that authorities take action, close down her shop, and arrest her for violating the Kingdom’s conservative dress code. 

Translation: "If she were Saudi, she would never wear these revealing clothes, whether she was a seller, a celebrity or anything else. This girl has to be from another country, because she's tarnishing our Kingdom's reputation."

Translation: "I just watched the video and heard the rumors about how that woman is from Bahrain. I've been to Bahrain, and I have family there, women do not dress like that in any respectful country. She does not represent us." 

Translation: "The honey shop is now open for any woman who is willing to compromise her chastity." 

According to local media, Saudi authorities will take the necessary measures regarding the shop and the girl, who will most probably may be subjected to financial and legal penalties for violating regulations.

According to Saudi law, the girl in the video has broken the country's legal code defines “public decency” as a set of behaviors and morals that reflect the values, principles and identity of society.

This incident comes at a time when Saudi is attempting to relax certain rules that pertain to public events, festivals and women's rights, but the public and the authorities often reject extreme changes.

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