Saudi Fan Throws Her Bra At Rapper Russ During Riyadh Concert and He Flaunts it on Stage

Published November 17th, 2019 - 07:48 GMT
A Saudi woman threw her bra during Ross concert in Riyadh
A Saudi woman threw her bra during Ross concert in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia hosted the rapper Russ alongside hip-hop group Migos in Riyadh. During the concert, a Saudi woman threw her bra to the rapper on stage causing a massive outrage in the conservative Kingdom. 

The video, which was described as shocking, has circulated on social media, showing the moment a Saudi fan threw her bra on stage, to be picked up by Russ and displayed in front of everyone.

Translation: “American rapper Russ announced by the end of his concert that fans throwing their bra shows that they’re having a good time, some speculating that Russ tried to give the bra to the fans but no one took it.” 

The incident received massive backlash, as it portrays unprecedented behavior according to Saudi Arabia’s conservative customs and traditions.

Saudis found the video so shocking that some people even refused to believe it was real at all, stressing that Russ is the one who brought the bra with him just to draw attention and that a Saudi woman would never behave this way. 

Translation: “I'm shocked, I don't know what to say about this .. it's a disgrace!”

Saudis demanded an investigation into the video and for the woman in question to be arrested and to receive the “most severe punishment” to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Others blamed Russ for disrespecting the traditions and customs of the country by carrying on with the concert after the incident happened. 

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