Saudi Prince Responds to Nasrallah’s Fiery Speech on Twitter

Published January 4th, 2022 - 07:21 GMT
Nasrallah’s Fiery Speech
Hassan Nasrallah delivered a fiery speech on the 2nd anniversary of the assassination of top Iranian general. (Twitter)

Last night, the leader of Lebanon-based Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech in memory of slain Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, yet his speech ended up launching an unprecedented attack against Saudi Arabia.

In the televised speech, Hassan Nasrallah remembered Qasem Soleimani and the former leader of Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Forces Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, who were both killed two years ago in a US-led airstrike near Baghdad's international airport.

Addressing Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz directly, Hassan Nasrallah accused Saudi Arabia of decades-long work to "export extremism ideology across the Islamic world," saying that beliefs of terrorist ISIS stem from Saudi promoted interpretations of Islam.

In response to the Saudi decision to designate Hezbollah's financial association, Al-Qard Al-Hassan, on terror lists last October, Nasrallah addressed King Salman saying: "Your Majesty, the terrorist is who exported the ISIS ideology to the world. The terrorist is the one who sent thousands of Saudis to conduct suicide operations in Iraq and Syria, and it’s you."

These statements triggered massive Saudi anger online, as they considered the attack a daring one that follows months of tension between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, based on Hezbollah's and Saudi's conflicting interests in the region, namely Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Syria, in addition to Hezbollah's strong ties with Iran.

Amongst the many outraged online comments, Saudi Prince Abdul Rahman Bin Musa'id Al Saud tweeted a series of remarks referring to Hassan Nasrallah as Abu Righal, in reference to historic pre-Islamic Arab character known for betraying his people amid a confrontation against another tribe. 

Prince Abdul Rahman Bin Musa'id accused Nasrallah of lying and of being "an Iranian instrument in the region." 

Moreover, the Saudi prince hinted that "ISIS is more connected with Iran and its regional militia than Saudi Arabia," saying that the terrorist group "never attacked Iranian targets."

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