Saudis Are No Longer Celebrating Halloween Behind Closed Doors

Published November 1st, 2021 - 01:27 GMT
Halloween celebrated in Saudi Arabia
Pia Wurtzbach, a public figure, has shared photos on Instagram of herself in Space Odyssey-themed Halloween costumes

For the first time ever, Saudi Arabia has opened its solo Halloween customs shop in the capital Riyadh. The shop includes creepy masks, promiscuous women's costumes and witch outfits as well as pumpkins and spooky lights, The National reported.

Moreover, videos from a first public Halloween party celebrated in the open-air in Saudi Arabia were widely shared on social media. According to a news website, called what’s on Saudi Arabia, Halloween this year will have its own unique fun.


Several events are set to take place in Saudi Arabia’s Winter Wonderland, which is going on between October 27 and March 2022. Winter Wonderland celebrated Halloween events including a children's costume party, freaky Friday for girls only, scary karaoke and horror sport session at 1Rebel.

Furthermore, Pia Wurtzbach, a public figure, has shared photos on Instagram of herself in Space Odyssey-themed Halloween costumes while she celebrated the event alongside Jeremy Jauncey in Saaudi Arabia's AlUla.


Social media users have split over whether it is right or wrong to celebrate such an event on the holiest Islamic spot in the world that contains Mecca and the Great Mosque. Some Saudis have denounced imitating Western culture as the event is taken from Christianity in honor of the saints. 

Some people have called on Saudi authorities to ban such celebrations as it opposes Islamic culture and traditions.

Around two years ago, a Halloween party in Saudi Arabia took place. However, authorities have busted the organizers of the event and arrested them.

Others have supported celebrating Halloween saying it's a fun event especially for kids where they are able to wear customs and get some candies especially after a year of COVID-19 crisis and lockdowns.

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays. Although it stems from religious beliefs, it is still celebrated today by many people of different religious backgrounds. It is celebrated differently in several countries around the world. Many countries have different names for the celebration and do not celebrate on October 31st.

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